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Phiberwrite Famalia (PW)

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This is my first time studio shoot, the team ask me to shoot some profile picture for them, so i guess thats my chance to learn how to shoot studio style and play with the lighting. a lil bit introduction about this family, they are graffiti artist or graffiti writer, a writer.. either one la..mana2 pun bole…and they are very famous among writer in Malaysia and even have a connection with “oversea” writer. They also has been published the one and only so call graffiti magazine, first in Malaysia 40kgraffzine. From this picture below, left to the right is “Wazer”,”Nenok”,”Nuke”,Keas”,”Askoe”,”NBA”. You can check out their artwork at




Written by ammarue

October 20, 2009 at 10:28 am

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